Improve, Don't Extend

Image courtesy Candida.Performa via Flickr Creative Commons

Image courtesy Candida.Performa via Flickr Creative Commons


Humans have long been obsessed with extending our lifespan.  And indeed, thanks to modern medicine and healthier lifestyles, our average lifespan has increased well beyond what our ancestors would have imagined possible. Currently, Silicon Valley entrepreneurs are interested in pushing our longevity even farther. But a recent study casts some doubt over just how far we can go. The study suggests that we may have already reached the upper limits of human longevity which they peg at about 115 years.

Whether or not further advancements can cheat nature, in a recent article about the study, one of the researchers points out what may be the more important area to focus on, improving our life rather than extending it.

"The best hope for our species is not to extend our life spans, but to lengthen our years of healthy living — with healthy habits and perhaps drugs that can repair some of the cellular damage that comes with time. There’s a good chance to improve health span — that’s the most important thing.”

At Connect Yoga, we're not in the business of creating drugs to repair cellular damage (at least not yet), but we are here to help with the healthy habits part. Our Yoga Tune Up classes are designed with one goal in mind, to help you keep your body strong, balanced and healthy.