Dear First Time Student

I don't want you to ever worry because our classes aren't about whether or not you can touch your toes, turn your body upside down or morph into a pretzel. I know the mainstream imagery that constantly gets shoved in our faces may lead you to believe that that's what yoga is all about. Far from it. It's not about what a pose is supposed to look like. It's about how you get there. By moving intelligently.

Whatever your idea of a yoga class is, just toss it aside. The classes at Connect Yoga are so much more than just yoga postures. Human movement is the priority. In each class, there's a combination of self-massage, movement, strengthening, stretching and relaxation. You are empowered to tune up the awareness of your anatomy, understand how you move and where your body blind spots are so you can make better choices outside of the yoga room.

Please, do not be afraid or intimidated. Our classes are a safe and welcoming space for everyone where there are no judgements. Whether you are flexible or not, every student in class will leave with a better understanding of the biomechanics of their bodies so they can create lasting change.