Stepping Outside My Comfort Zone

I recently had the opportunity to do something completely uncharacteristic and take a NIA class. It's a form of movement that incorporates dance, healing and martial arts. I have to say, I did feel like a spazz on two left feet, but it was incredibly liberating and fun. 

For many years I used to only do yoga (the static pose kind, not Yoga Tune Up®) and thought it was enough. At least it was something, but what I've learned is that my body (and most bodies) needs variety because unfortunately, life doesn't always take place in a yoga pose. However, the idea of a gym, spinning or a jogging does not appeal to my sensibilities. Of course there's nothing wrong with those activities, but.. I. Just. Can't. 

When I discovered Yoga Tune Up® in late 2014, my world was turned upside down for the better. As many of you know, there's so much variety in these classes, but it's also good to have other outlets in your movement diet. I do a lot of walking, Yoga Tune Up (of course) and now another thing I can add is dance. I like NIA, and the teacher Martha Randall just radiates so much infectious positivity that I know I'd like to do it more. 

The idea of expanding my movement vocabulary has evolved from all the learning and reading I've been doing. Yoga Tune Up® has without a doubt been the biggest influence and I always feel like I've had a nice well-rounded practice when I go to class. At the same time, Katy Bowman's books and blog posts have also encouraged and inspired me. The big takeaway for me is to remember to move frequently. This can include walking to work or the grocery store, gardening, playing with your kids, walking your dog, or even cleaning the house. Just be mindful about how you are moving (we definitely empower you to understand functional movement in our classes at Connect Yoga).

A variety of activity is really all you need to stay healthy. Of course, if you want to get "ripped" you've got your work cut out for you. But if your goal is to maintain your health, remember that it doesn't have to hurt to work (credit to Jill Miller for saying that). So please join me in my little fitness revolution by doing things we enjoy so we can live happier, healthier lives.