Butting Out

If sitting is the new smoking, then at home we are trying our best to butt out. That is, trying to get our butts out of chairs. It's hard to avoid them, but at home we've brought our office space down to the floor. 

It looks (and feels) a little weird at first, but after a very short time, we've started to notice unexpected benefits. Part of the scourge of sitting isn't just being in chair-sitting position; it's more problematic that you're not moving for long periods of time.  Chairs make it comfortable for us to not move. We've noticed that sitting on the floor in any one position without a chair for support gets very uncomfortable. So we are forced to move around and switch leg positions frequently. You're also forced to use your own muscles to support your spine. And again, it gets uncomfortable very fast if you aren't in a good sitting position. Chairs will keep you going no matter how lousy your posture is.