We teach classes and workshops in and around Toronto, where we're focused on getting big results with small changes. Our methods are designed to help you get the most out of a healthy, pain-free, stress-free life.


Jean Eng

Yoga Instructor

For Jean, it's all about asking the right questions. The curiosity and dogedness that drove her former life as a journalist now drives her yoga career. She spent 15 years in front of and behind the cameras in busy newsrooms at CBC and CTV. She helped launch two networks, CBC Newsworld International and BNN and produced their flagship primetime shows.

Stricken by chronic pain related to her pregnancy in 2003, she tried just about everything to get better, including hiring a personal trainer and reluctantly dragging herself to the gym. She finally discovered that yoga not only provided relief from her pain, it had the added benefit of being something she actually enjoyed. She made it the focus of her self care routine, but as a journalist, it wasn't enough just to show up at class and do the poses. She needs to know "why". She enrolled in her first teacher training in 2012 and hasn't stopped asking questions. 

Her quest for deeper knowledge and understanding means her own practice and teaching are constantly evolving. She is a certified Yoga Tune Up® Teacher and Roll Model® Method Practitioner. These methods are some of the smartest and safest exercise and wellness therapies that she has come across and are an integral part of her classes. Jean is incredibly grateful to YTU creator Jill Miller for her work and igniting a passion for learning about the human body and movement.

She is also passionate about sharing what she's learned with others to help them deal with pain, stress and anxiety, and find ease of movement in their bodies as they age.

Movement Education

  • Jules Mitchell 300hr advanced Yoga Teacher Training (2019)

  • McGill Method (for back pain) Level 2 - Dr. Stuart McGill (Sept. 2018)

  • Roll Model Method - Ball Sequencing and Innovation (2018)

  • Yoga Deconstructed Workshops w/ Trina Altman (2017)

  • McGill Method Level 1 - Dr. Stuart McGill (2017)

  • Restorative Yoga with Minimal Props Training w/ Amanda Tripp (2017)

  • Yoga Tune Up - Integrated Embodied Anatomy (2017)

  • Yoga Tune Up - Breath and Bliss Immersion (2017)

  • Quantum Leap (biomechanics and kinesiology) w/ Sarah Court (2017)

  • Yoga Tune Up - Shoulders Immersion (2016)

  • Yoga Tune Up - Hips Immersion (2016)

  • Roll Model Method - The Science of Rolling (2015)

  • Yoga Tune Up - Core Immersion (2015)

  • Yoga Tune Up - Level 1 Teacher Training (2015)

  • Yogic Physical Culture Academy (Tony Sanchez Yoga) - Certified Masters’ Core Instructor (2014)

  • Yoga Anatomy.Net Fundamentals Course - Leslie Kaminoff and Amy Matthews (2014)

  • Bandha Yoga Anatomy Workshop - Dr. Ray Long (2013)

  • Yogic Physical Culture Academy (Tony Sanchez Yoga) - Masters’ Core Training (2013)

  • Bikram Yoga Teacher Training (2012) 


John Watson

Mindfulness Coach and Yoga Instructor

Trying new things has always been fun to John. Life, love, yoga and meditation are the best things he's tried so far. Also motorcyles, drums, theatre, and film. Dharma Name Kongun (Empty Cloud,) John took Buddhist precepts at Zen Buddhist Temple in Toronto in 2003.

Intensive Zen practice didn't shake the curiosity to try new things, so he's studied and sampled a wide variety of other meditative practices. Over the years he's tried out most Buddhist meditation practices as well as those from both ancient philosophy and modern pyschology. Common themes start to emerge in those methods and he thinks the best explanation and distillation of those themes comes from Shinzen Young's Unified Mindfulness. John enrolled in the UM's very first teacher training in 2016. 

He's done tons of yoga since the early 90's and prefers that to most other exercise, except bicycling. He's dabbled in traditional yoga methods, as well as more modern practices, even the hot kinds.   

He currently has the most fun sharing what he's learned with others.

Movement & Mindfulness Education

  • Level 2 Unified Mindfulness Coach

  • Yoga Tune Up - Level 1 Teacher Training

  • Yoga Tune Up - Breath and Bliss Immersion

  • Yoga Tune Up - Integrated Embodied Anatomy

  • Roll Model Method Science of Rolling

  • Non-Violent Communication 

  • Beginner & Advanced Zen Meditation

  • Breath Mastery Fundamentals

  • Tergar Meditation

  • Tibetan Breathwork