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Doors open 15 minutes before class starts. Please arrive on time.

Class sizes are small, ensuring no one gets lost in the crowd and everybody receives the attention they need to focus on their own body.

Doors close when class starts, please arrive on time!

My self care routine has been totally transformed, these classes have helped me alleviate muscle stiffness and relieve areas of chronic pain. - Jenny M.

Class Descriptions


All of our classes (except Yogility and Cardio Tune Up) include the ROLL component -- self-massage therapy for myofascial release. The Yoga Tune Up® therapy balls and techniques will help alleviate pain, improve performance and get you on a path to optimal physical health. You will practice within your own body's unique range of motion using safe functional movements because of our strong emphasis on biomechanics. We offer three different types of ROLL classes:

Roll and Strengthen: Build strength and mobility for active living, athletic performance and everyday life. We begin each class with targeted self-massage to warm the body's tissues and increase your body awareness so you can maximize the benefit of the rest of the class. Then, with functional movement and intelligent stretching, you'll strengthen your body while improving posture and mobility in a playful and safe environment.

Roll and Stretch: Pain relief, stress relief, and recovery. Whether you accumulate mental and bodily stress through work, athletic performance, or daily living this class is literally for everybody and every body. You will excavate tension through targeted self-massage and use active stretches to release overworked or underused muscles, improving your body's mobility for your favourite activity or sport or just everyday life.

Roll and Restore: Reconnect the body, mind and spirit. It's important for your overall well-being to learn how to truly relax so you can relieve you body from the stress of everyday life and restore your body to a state of physiological balance. Self-massage will erase areas of built up tension and restorative yoga postures combined with deep breathing will bring your body and mind to a state of bliss.

Cardio Tune Up: Have fun, work safely and get your heart rate pumping. We are taking many familiar Yoga Tune Up® exercises plus some of our own to create the perfect class to add to your exercise regime. Regular cardio work has been shown to help lose weight, increase stamina, slow the aging process and so much more. Be prepared to sweat!

Yogility: "Yogility" is a yoga-inspired movement class (created by Carolyn Tucker) with a strong emphasis on mobility, stability and agility. This class combines the mind-body connectedness of a yoga practice with an exploration of functional, natural and primal movements of the human body. Like all of our classes, this is for anyone seeking to improve functional mobility in the joints, increase reflexive strength throughout the body, and improve articulation and fluidity in the spine.

Mindfulness Meditation: Your brain needs exercise, too. Learn mindfulness tools that you can use in everyday life to increase your overall sense of well being, navigate difficult experiences more skillfully and appreciate the good ones more deeply. No experience necessary. Only monthly membership pass holders can pre-register. However, anyone with an active membership at the studio is welcome to attend for free, just drop-in. If you wish to reserve a spot, email