We offer classes, workshops and retreats featuring yoga, self massage, movement and meditation to help you be your best and get more out of life. We also offer private and semi-private sessions to better serve your personal goals.




6-Week Course

This isn't your regular drop-in yoga class. Jean will lead you through a DIY course designed to empower you to take care of yourself in everyday life. You'll not only experience an amazing yoga sequence, you'll learn why the practice is beneficial and how you can do it at home. We'll make it easy by giving you handouts and online resources, including videos.

The yoga you'll learn is informed not just by traditional practices, but modern corrective exercise, movement fundamentals, stress reduction techniques and myofascial release. 

  • gain body awareness, improving how you take care of yourself 

  • increase mobility in areas weakened by underuse

  • reduce inflammation to help stave off disease and illness

  • reduce pain in areas that are sore from overuse

  • improve posture

  • improve performance

  • improve mobility

Jean’s classes have a relaxing atmosphere and I always feel great after my sessions.
— Denis C.



Full Day Rest and Relaxation Retreat

Treat yourself to a full day of tranquilizing escape without leaving the city. Filter out the noise, hit reset on your nervous system, and connect with peace in your mind and body.

Jean and John will guide you through proven strategies that amplify your mind and body's relaxation response. Each one on it's own is a powerful tool for down-regulation, but we'll use them in combination to maximize their soothing effects.

  • an extra-long session of self-massage  

  • gentle movement 

  • restorative yoga

  • breathing exercises 

  • therapeutic vocalization

  • guided relaxation meditation 

  • snacks, tea, and light lunch

All techniques are based on our five step system for relaxation, BRAKE. Click here to learn all about BRAKE.

These classes are a refreshing change from the typical yoga classes I have tried in the past, where I would often feel limited by a lack of flexibility.
— Kathryn B.



2 Day Course

Sundays January 27 & Feb 3


The Centering Space, 59 Cambridge Ave, Toronto

Whether you are an absolute beginner or an experienced practitioner, this course will empower you with simple and effective mindfulness tools based on the Unified Mindfulness system that you can incorporate into your daily life, use as a foundation for a regular meditation practice or enhance any other ongoing practice you may have.

  • cope with emotions and build resiliency

  • handle difficult situations more skillfully

  • increase compassion and empathy towards others

  • build composure and concentration power

  • relax and regulate your nervous system

  • untangle stuck patterns

  • learn to accept and appreciate the present moment

Insightful and fun. John was an excellent teacher, very grounded and able to make the journey a very meaningful experience.
— Ian H.





Married to your mobile devices? Stuck in front of a computer? Pain in your neck and shoulders? Bad posture?

You may not be able to avoid technology, but you can avoid the pain! Undo the damage and prevent further suffering in this informative and interactive workshop.

  • prevent and relieve pain with Yoga Tune Up® therapy balls

  • easy exercises to help fix your neck and shoulders from overuse, underuse and abuse

  • increase mobility in areas with limited range of motion

  • improve your posture

  • empowering knowledge of your own anatomy

  • learn pitfalls and prevention techniques for your particular job

I notice I stand straighter and I’m more aware of the mind body connection.
— Lisa B.