We offer courses and workshops that can help you perform better and stay in the game longer. Yoga, self massage and mindfulness for sports can help you:

✔ improve athletic performance

✔ prevent injury

✔ eliminate pain

✔ increase flexibility

✔ create awareness of body blind spots

✔ stay calm and focused




Every sport has it's own potential hazards from repetitive movements and excessive strain on muscles and joints that can lead to overuse, underuse, misuse and weakness. Whether you play competitively or for fun, we have solutions to help you improve your game.

  • myofascial release with Yoga Tune Up® therapy balls

  • injury prevention strategies

  • corrective exercise and dynamic movement

  • traditional therapeutic Yoga techniques focusing on breathing mechanics, stretching and mindfulness

  • techniques to promote recovery, reduce pain and increase range of motion

  • build body awareness

We generally offer these workshops seasonally, but we can create one for you or your team at any time, on or off season.

I can see so much change in the comfort in my body… and I’ve been doing yoga and alternative forms of movement for 30 years.
— Tzabia S.




Pain may be inevitable, but suffering is optional. These techniques work with all kinds of pain; injuries, body aches, short term or chronic. 

  • self-massage therapy to relieve muscle pain

  • breathing techniques to calm the nervous system and reduce inflammation

  • mindfulness practices designed to reduce suffering

  • cognitive reframing strategies

  • a practical set of tools to use in daily life


My self care routine has been totally transformed, these classes have helped me alleviate muscle stiffness and relieve areas of chronic pain.
— Jenny M.