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Move. Play. Rest. Weekend Retreat

Jean is excited to team up with Alex Schenker and Carolyn Tucker so you can experience a one-of-a-kind weekend! Move without pain as you challenge your brain and stimulate your nervous system by learning new ways to move outside in nature and inside our lovely studio space. Plus, you'll experience the ultimate restorative practices that will help you recover, de-stress and find inner calm.

Please continue reading below for more detailed information. If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to contact Jean at

You can pay by cheque, cash, e-transfer or online by credit card. **Please note that for this event there is a one-time $12 service fee to purchase online. 



Yogility: A yoga-inspired movement class with a strong emphasis on mobility, stability and agility. Connect mind and body with an exploration of functional, natural and primal movements of the human body. This is a fun and accessible class that challenges the brain, stimulates the nervous system and may awaken dormant or underused muscles. For more information about Carolyn and Yogility, please click here.

MovNat: Fitness is more than just exercise, it's the competency with which we interact with the world around us. It all comes down to movement, and the better we move, the more complete our experience of life becomes. MovNat is a system of fitness and physical education that trains the full spectrum of human movement skills with the goal of developing physical competence for practical performance. To learn more about Alex and MovNat, please click here.

Therapeutic Self-Massage: Jean's class is the perfect anti-dote to stress and the best way to end your movement day as you will bring body and mind to a state of complete relaxation. Targeted self-massage will erase areas of built up tension, while restorative yoga postures combined with various breathing techniques will bring physiological balance. You will feel an immediate sense of well being, inner peace and calm.

LOCATION: The retreat will be in a beautiful country setting at the Lotus Heart Centre in Brighton, Ontario. It's only 1.5 hours outside of Toronto. Please click here to go to their website where you can see photos of the retreat centre.

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